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Different veterinary fields in France.

France is a multicultural, vibrant, and big country. It has 640,679 km of area. And it´s the third biggest European country, after Russia and Ukraine, it has the 7th largest economy in the world and the third largest economy of Europe after Germany and the United Kingdom. As anyone can imagine, there are millions of French citizens performing all kinds of different jobs in order to fulfill the needs of the French society. There´s a total population of 67.12 million with a low unemployment rate of 9.2%.Among the most important economic sectors; you will find agriculture, energy, manufacturing and technology, tourism and transport.  With such a big population, you will find all sorts of professionals in different fields, like medicine, engineering, fashion, tourism and of course, veterinarian doctors. To become a veterinarian doctor in France, students have to classify in one of the four veterinary schools in the country:  The National Veterinary School of Alfort founded in 1767, The Veterinary School of Oniris Nantes founded in 1979, The National Veterinary School of Toulouse was founded in 1828 or VetAgro Sup Lyon,the first veterinary school in the world founded in  1761 by King Louis the XVth.  All of these universities require a lot of examinations in order to be accepted, and once accepted it takes 4 years of studies in order to become a licensed veterinarian.

The first veterinarian ( Http://www.allo-veterinaire-garde.fr ) teacher in recorded history is Claude Bourgelat, born in 1712 and died in 1779 at 67 years old. He was the author of many books and a member of the Paris Science Academy. His friend, Henri Leonard Bertin who was a part of the administration of the Kingdom of Louis XV convinced Bourgelart and the King to open a Veterinary School in 1761 in Lyon, the first ever. Every veterinarian has to be sworn under the Bourgelart oath.  During the first 3 years of university, veterinary medicine students explore a lot of different subjects and areas, among these areas there are numerous topics, disciplines and subjects that study the description of a normal functions of animals bodies, like: anatomy, physiology, immunology, histology, virology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology ,pathology, pathophysiology, infectology, pathology, surgery, clinical biology, pharmacology, medical imaging, clinical biology, pharmacology, dermatology, rheumatology, gynecology and obstetrics.   Other disciplines that are often included are genetics, statistics, food science, analytical chemistry, health biotechnology, ethnology, management, scientific ecology among others.

In the fourth year, students start their clinical rotations in many departments of their Veterinary Hospital, private clinics, among others.  On their fifth year, students begin to learn about particular subjects they can choose, this is definitely not a specialization but it is a way for them to learn about a subject they like specifically.  In France, veterinarians who have an specialization have to demonstrate every 5 years that they satisfy the criteria of the European Veterinary Specialists of the schools. They do so by being examined on their skills as veterinarians, providing a high quality service in different fields such as anesthesia, clinical pathology, equine internal medicine, ophthalmology, pharmacology, public health, zoological medicine, toxicology, surgery, among others. There are 3860 veterinarians in the European Veterinary Specialists Board.

Veterinaries can work in different subjects, such as animal health and well being, public health and safety, wildlife preservation, environmental health, animal protection, prescribing medicines as well as many other subjects. After veterinaries go through so many requirements and examinations, you can definitely tell they are not only interested in their career, but passionate and ready to serve the country and the world with their work. It´s important to realize this as sacrifice does pay off, especially in these case where they will save lives and help make the world a better place for everyone that lives on planet Earth.  Some veterinarians choose to work in Private Practice by species or disciplines, this allows them to specialize in those animals they feel most passionate for, for example equine veterinarians. Most veterinarian doctors choose to work with ´´ companion animals´´ such as dogs, cats, parrots, and small birds, which is to be expected considering that so many people have pets at home, and this makes for a big market to enter and compete in. There are other veterinarians who choose to work with farm animals like cows, pigs, and sheep. These animals produce food, which translates into a huge quantity of them, making the job of veterinarians more profitable. Some choose to work with the equine industry, which means they work with horses that compete in contests and are supposed to be healthy and in great condition in order for them to win.

If you have ever wondered who checks on the cows that are slaughtered for your steak, the person behind that is also a specialized veterinarian who takes care that the supply of your food is healthy, so that there isn´t an disease outbreak for meat consumers, as well as for poultry and fish. These are public practice veterinarians, who also do work with foreign country animals that are brought for different reasons so that they don´t have any kind of disease that could threaten humans and other species, as well as checking on diseases that can affect animals and humans and making sure they don´t spread all over the country. They are key factors to keep our health in prime conditions.  There are many military veterinarians that make sure animals owned by the country are safe and healthy. Many times animals work for research, food safety and also security, like police dogs, that are very important for our safety, and to control drugs among other substances from entering or being transported through the country. As well as cadaver dogs, which find dead bodies that have been missing, and police dogs that are trained to use their sense of smell to find people.  If it weren´t for veterinary teachers, new veterinaries wouldn´t exist. There are many veterinary doctors that work teaching students all their knowledge in different important subjects at university. There´s also many that work researching for pharmaceutical companies that develop different drugs for animals, in order to make their quality of life better, as well as preventing many diseases and premature deaths in animals. Research is a huge industry today, with companies like makeup companies that test on animals before selling their products to humans, and animals that are used for human pharmaceutical research to treat illnesses and change components on different medications to make them safer for consumption. And as we all know, cloned animals that explore the cloning possibilities science can offer.

Many veterinarians work taking care of zoo and aquarium animals, this is super important because these animals are taken out of their natural habitats and put into new environments where if if wasn´t for veterinarians, maybe they couldn´t survive. There´s also veterinarians that work with wildlife species all over the world, they are key for these animals to be preserved because sometimes, through veterinary research we find out what species are endangered and how we can help to save them.  If you have pets, you know a canine veterinarian, that works with dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish, bunnies, among other species of animals that you can have as pets at home. Canine Veterinarian Doctors will teach you how to take care of them correctly so they live a happy life with you! All of these animals are highly dependent on their human parents, and that is a reason you should always visit your canine vet.  If you have been to a horse show, or if you love horse riding, horse racing and Polo, you should know there´s an Equine Veterinarian making sure the horses are safe and healthy, it´s not just about their looks, but also about their overall health and their development.

Rural Veterinarians work at farms where your food is produced, by making sure the animals that are used for your food like cows, pigs, chickens and sheep, are healthy and disease free, and that the environment they live in is good and clean, as well as the conditions they are slaughtered in are safe and as humane as possible.  Just like surgeons for us humans, there are veterinary surgeons that take care of our animals when they need surgery. From your next door dogs, to a wildlife panther, animals might need surgery sometimes, and these surgeons study all kinds of species in order to be able to save them, no matter how large or small they are. Speaking of wildlife, there are veterinarians who are immersed at all times in the natural habitats of beautiful wildlife animals from all continents of the world, working near their natural habitats with wildlife research companies, tour companies and wildlife prevention centers, this makes a big difference for animals lives where they would have died in a different circumstance, if there wasn´t a veterinarian near.  And have you ever been watching tv and come across an animal show for children or adults, or a segment on a morning show where there´s a veterinarian talking about specific animals and bringing them to showcase their beauty to tv? Well, now a days that is another job veterinarians can have, without mentioning social media and how veterinarians can make a living by talking about animals and how to care for them, or fun facts on YouTube. Artists bring animals to their music videos; animals are used for tv shows, series and movies, and guess who takes care of them on set, and makes sure they don´t hurt themselves or others?  You guessed right! There´s a veterinarian taking care of them at all times.

The  field of veterinarians is large and it is almost impossible to reduce it to an ammount, because even if what they do is always related to animals, there are so many different ways veterinarians contribute to the safety, health and wellbeing of society that the possibilities are infinite.  Being a veterinary in France is not reduced to just practicing at a veterinary clinic, there´s veterinarians even at the firefighter department, so in order to pick a field to specialize on,  you just need to think of what you like most of being a veterinarian and how you can make your job even more fun and  exciting every single day.  Veterinarians have an impact in the daily lives of thousands of people in different ways, from what we eat, to what our pets eat, those illnesses that are controlled and don´t spread anymore are a result of the hard work of a veterinarian who along with a team of other professionals, joined forced to research and eradicate an illness that would otherwise kill thousands of people all over the world. As well as cures to diseases that attack our animals and contaminate our food and intoxicate us, and banning fertilizers for produce that have a negative impact on the species of animals that live in that environment, like it happens with bees, which are key in the health of our planet and ecosystems.  Veterinary doctors are so versatile they can adapt to many environments and situations, for instance in different industries like tv, and Non Profit Organizations, as well as in cities or the countryside, and vets have to evolve with all the new trends on the industry as well as the social media and digital era and all the benefits that using different platforms can bring them. Veterinary´s wages range on average from €2,000 to €5000 depending on their experience, where they are located and what they specialize in, as with any other career there are some that make way more, and way less, but this depends on a lot of factors that they can use to their benefit or if used incorrectly to their disadvantage,

There´s most likely a veterinary in almost every aspect of your life even if you don´t realize it at first, you just need to think about it a little, there´s so many options veterinaries can choose, and all of these have impact on  how our modern society develops, as well as contributing to the environment and treating and respecting animals like they deserve.

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